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Hi! I'm Janice!

Are you looking for an experienced, qualified teacher who’s available to provide lessons tailored to you or your child’s needs?

  • I teach adults to speak confidently so they can interview, get employment, and advance in their careers.
  • I help students with the IELTS test preparation to get into the university of their choice.
  • I help students build their English vocabulary and their reading confidence so they can read, speak and write with greater fluency
  • And we do it all with fun and laughter!

About Janice

I am a certified ESL Tutor offering personalized ONLINE lesson plans to students. I’ve been teaching students of all ages and levels throughout the Berlin area and ONLINE since 1995. I have taught over 6,000 classes online to children and adults from all over the world.

I am devoted to teaching and am committed to helping students discover and reach their full potential. I have a Master’s of Arts in English Education from Hunter College at the City University, a 170-hour TEFL Certification, and a 120-hour TESOL Certification with Distinction. I also studied music and have a Master’s in Arts in Music. I teach music and public speaking privately.

I am a passionate teacher, and I am in love with language. I have studied and speak five languages. Nothing gives me more joy than to help someone overcome their challenges with English and achieve their goals. I aim to set you or your kids up for success in a global, interconnected world. My calm, friendly, positive attitude will help you relax and speak up freely!

I also speak fluent German and Spanish. I believe in total immersion classes (ONLY ENGLISH), but with my language skills, I can also help you better learn.

With the ability to speak English more fluently, people feel an increased sense of self-confidence and motivation which helps them to reach their potential. You will see your grades improve and take the important steps to become a global citizen – going to the best schools or getting the best jobs. You will see more success in the workplace.

“Janice is a serious teacher. We work hard, but the classes with her are fun. Janice makes a comfortable and fun classroom atmosphere for the student. Janice constantly checks comprehension and is excellent at encouraging the student for output. She excels at encouraging conversational skills. Janice can correct pronunciation very well.”

Anna Petri


COVID-19: Live Online Tutoring

During these times of the pandemic, much time has been lost for students. Catch up and have 1:1 tutoring with an experienced teacher.

Consistent, Convenient Learning

The classroom is just a click away. The best method is to choose regular weekly lessons once or more a week. Book by the month and your course time is always yours.

Customized Lesson Content

Goal-oriented teaching! My lesson plans are designed to meet your goals and needs. Tailored lessons to fit the student's needs